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Terms and Conditions

Lesson Frequency
Subject to Liz's availability, online English lessons can be taken, Monday to Saturday, as often as the student desires. This includes back-to-back lessons. 

Group Lessons

1. There is no guarantee that there will be more than one student attending any given group lesson.

2. In the booking calendar, it clearly states how many people are attending the group lesson and it is at the choice of the student to decide if he wishes to attend that session.


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy
1. Lessons must be canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise, that session will be forfeited, regardless of the reason.

2. If the student books back-to-back lessons but can no longer attend for the entire time, or needs to leave early, the rest of the booking will not be adjourned but forfeited and considered completed, unless at least 24 hours' notice has been given.

3. Should Liz need to cancel or misses the lesson it will be made up at a later date, at a time chosen by the student in the booking calendar.

Refund Policy

1. Refunds for single one-on-one and group lessons are not possible.

2. Refunds for Lesson Packs are possible within 1 month of the first lesson. The student must send in writing within 28 days after their first lesson that they wish to have a refund. 

3. If they contact Liz, via email within 28days after their first lesson, they will receive a partial refund of their purchase price minus 30€ for a one-on-one lesson pack and 20€ for a group lesson pack.

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